Safety Tips for Baking Fall Desserts

The season of pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, and caramel flavors is not only upon us, it is infused into our candles, sprayed into our faces at the mall, and included in the most random of cheesy slogans such as “Happy Cinnamonday!” Luckily, Fall is also the time for you and your kids to make many yummy treats.

Baking your favorite fall desserts like fruit pies, pumpkin muffins, and maple cookies with your kids is a lot of fun, but it’s important to stay safe during this time, too. A few ways to be safe in the kitchen include being aware of fire hazards, setting timers, and using proper appliances. When these are implemented, you are sure to be the hit of the fall bake sale.

Fire Hazard Awareness

There are several kitchen fire hazards to be aware of and teach your kids… your non-burnt treats will thank you later! For example, keep flammable items away from the oven or stove. This includes paper towels, potholders, dishtowels, and all clothing.

Another safety issue is the risk of burns. Always keep an eye on your young ones when they are helping you make these recipes. This ensures they do not touch hot surfaces with their hands or fingers. Turn pot and skillet handles inwards towards the wall and always use pot holders or oven mitts. Stand back from the oven when it is turned on, as well. Even if your little ones think you are lecturing them, these skills are important to learn – so pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top teach them today!

Baking is a fun way to make many of your favorite fall desserts at home. It also means there are risks as you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Does your home insurance plan cover accidents that can happen in this room of your home? If you think you need to switch to better coverage, always check a company’s star ratings. Freeway Insurance Reviews are consistently rated highly and the company offersmany types of affordable plans. Give them a call or visit them online to learn more.

Set Timers

Setting timers is advised for every baking item. This ensures they are cooked to perfection. It also helps you achieve the texture and taste you desire. Use these reminders to avoid burning your tasty treats. This way, everything turns out sooo delicious!

Other reasons to set timers include conserving energy and effective time management. This is helpful when you are making several batches or multiple recipes. Plus, your energy bill will be lower at the end of the month. Who doesn’t love that as a bonus?!

When you are done, always turn your oven off. Leaving the oven on when you are not using it has many risks. Even if you think you may come back later, play it safe and turn it off after you take out the last sheet of cookies.

Use Appropriate Appliances

Use kitchen appliances that are appropriate for each task. Using the wrong one affects your family’s safety. For example, using mixers that are too small can cause overloading or damage to them. This causes unnecessary strain that leads to overheating. Be mindful so you prevent possible injury.

Mixing and baking with the right appliances makes them taste better, too. When you use the wrong appliance, it affects the texture or consistency of dough and batter. It makes it taste funny after it cooks. Do not use appliances that are damaged or have frayed cords. Lastly, keep all electric appliances away from water – and small fingers. Baking is more fun when everyone stays safe.

Advice For Baking Fall Desserts with Your Kids

Baking fall treats with your kids is a great way to spend time with them and experience all of the season’s fun flavors. There are safety measures to keep all of you safe when you are in the kitchen. Stay aware of fire hazards, use timers, and make sure your appliances fit the recipe. Following these tips makes for great memories and ensures your home smells of freshly baked cookies (no judgment if you keep it that way year-round, too)!