Karmma Calling Series Review: Raveena Tandon Shines In This Revenge Drama

Ruchi Narain directs The Karmma Calling, an intriguing web series in Hindi. It spotlights the talents of Raveena Tandon, Namrata Sheth, and Varun Sood as its lead protagonists. Additionally, the producer of the series is R.A.T. Films. It made its highly anticipated debut on Hotstar, the online streaming giant, on January 26, 2024. The collaboration of these exceptional talents adds a distinctive touch to the series, making it a noteworthy addition to the web content.


Karmma Calling Series Story

Karmma Calling Varun Sood

Anamika and her father, Satyajeet, a prominent business tycoon, face injustice at the hands of affluent families on Alibaug Island. Satyajeet, having been stripped of his self-respect in the eyes of the nation’s citizens, undergoes a severe setback. Additionally, after more than a decade, Anamika returns to the island under the alias Karma Talwar. She is driven by the desire for revenge against those who harmed her father and tore apart her family.

Furthermore, swiftly ascending the social hierarchy in the upscale neighborhood, Karma attracts the attention of former actress Indrani Kothari; she also detects something suspicious about Karma’s actions. Moreover, Indrani played a significant role in the downfall of Anamika’s father, Satyajeet, years ago. She becomes one of the first to sense the unsettling undercurrents surrounding Karma’s return.


Karmma Calling Series Review

Karmma Calling Raveena Tandon

The narrative and script of Karmma Calling prove to be highly captivating. The suspenseful conclusion to the first season leaves viewers yearning for more. Furthermore, the production design is robust, and the editing is precise. The cast of the show carries themselves with grace. Additionally, Raveena Tandon’s portrayal of Indrani Kothari stands out. Her portrayal of the cold yet resolute character adds a significant dimension to the series. Her impactful screen presence also prevents any decline in the show’s quality. Gaurav Sharma has been excellent in his role. He should have been given more screen presence.

On the other hand, Namrata Sheth performs adequately in the role of Anamika/Karma Talwar. However, her dialogue delivery lacks the vibrancy seen in other characters. Noteworthy performances come from Viraf Patel as Zane Khan and Rohit Roy as Karma’s father, Satyajeet. The supporting actors in Karmma Calling also manage to do justice to their roles within the limitations of their characters.

Karmma Calling Cast

While the drama is engaging, it introduces a wealth of information, potentially confusing some viewers. The storyline also becomes somewhat confusing, prompting questions about how easily Karma accomplishes her actions. At times, the series may appear slightly overdramatic. Additionally, Ruchi Narain adheres closely to the original blueprint without making significant changes. Despite these considerations, the first season is brimming with intrigue, promising even darker and more scandalous conspiracies in the subsequent installments.


Final Verdict

Karmma Calling Namrata Sheth

Despite its imperfections, the thriller series remains a delightful binge-watch. The intricate web of internal betrayals and deceit within the small, elite circles of the show’s universe provides an entertaining narrative. Moreover, the portrayal of the lives of the affluent and attractive characters in Karmma Calling proves far from dull. Our rating for this series is a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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