Creation Of The Gods Movie Review: A Fantasy Film That Is Worth Watching

Creation of the Gods is a Chinese epic fantasy film. Wuershan is the director of the movie that is the first film in the Creation of the Gods trilogy. Additionally, the 16th-century fantasy novel Investiture of the Gods by Ming dynasty author Xu Zhonglin serves as the basis for the film. The movie will now be released in India on 21st June in Hindi and English.


Creation Of The Gods Movie Story

Creation Of The Gods Movie

The plot of the movie is based on one of the most popular classical fantasy novels of China, Fengshenyanyi. The first movie from the trilogy is an exciting Eastern high fantasy epic.

It also recreates the mythical wars between humans, immortals, and monsters. All of this took place more than three thousand years ago.


Creation Of The Gods Movie Review

Creation Of The Gods Cast

With Creation Of The Gods, director Wuershan did a wonderful job and his ambitions are all clear. Additionally, this film has everything including intense action and racy scenes. The perfect storytelling makes it more interesting for the fans of classic Chinese epics. However, one major drawback of this movie is that the audience needs to do some research to understand the characters properly.

This is especially to the ones who are not much into Chinese folklore. Moving on to the performances, Philips did an excellent job with his performance. He has garnered huge appreciation from the audience. Not just his personality, but his way of delivering dialogue has also won the hearts of the viewers. Additionally, Huang Bo as Jiang Zia and Xuejian Li as Ji Chang also play their parts with perfection.

Creation OF The Gods

Their action sequences manage to bring some much-needed energy. Yu Xia as Shen Gongbao adds depth to the narrative. Apart from them, Kun Chen, Quan Yuan, Le Yang, Yosh Yu, Chen Muchi, and others are also praiseworthy. Furthermore, the pacing and the soundtrack of the movie are also just fine. As everything works in favor of the film, you will be able to learn more about ancient Chinese mythology and philosophy.


Final Verdict

Creation Of The Gods Trailer

Creation Of The Gods is a fantasy-epic-adventure-action movie. It has all the elements including comedy, romance, scandalous, and brutal. Therefore, it has something in store for everyone. Despite certain flaws, it will still keep you invested. We rate this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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