Common Mistakes You are Probably Making When Brewing Coffee at Home

Making a great cup of coffee seems easy, but a lot of people are left frustrated when the coffee they make does not taste great. One reason why this could be happening is that you are likely making some common coffee-making mistakes. To make a great cup of coffee, here are the common mistakes to avoid.

Using Grounds and Beans that Aren’t Fresh

Did you know the shelf life of coffee is about 1.5 months? Past this, the coffee starts to lose its flavor profile and the coffee you make ends up tasting terrible. To avoid this, buy smaller bags of coffee you can consume in his time frame. Avoid any coffee bags that have a long shelf life of around 12 months because these will lose their characteristics long before you consume all the coffee inside.

Using Pre-ground Coffee

The smaller size of coffee grounds hastens oxidation and the effects of environmental factors on coffee. Coffee remains fresh for about a week after it is ground. Invest in a grinder so you can grind your coffee before brewing.

Not Controlling Your Extraction

The process of getting the coffee and all its complex flavors from coffee beans is known as extraction. Extraction happens as the water passes through the coffee. A short brewing time leads to under extraction while a long brewing time leads to over extraction. Under extracted coffee tastes sour while over extracted coffee tastes thin and bitter.

If you make coffee using a coffee machine, the brewing time will be taken care of for you. However, if you use the popular pour over method, you need to control the extraction by knowing how to pour water into the coffee. A fast pour leads to under extraction while a slow pour leads to over extraction.

One way to control your pour is to use a gooseneck kettle. This kettle has a long thin spout that controls how water pours out of the coffee. By making the water less chaotic and erratic, it gives you enough precision to control your pour.

A great gooseneck kettle option to consider is the Fellow kettle. In addition to the well-designed spout, it also has an ergonomic handle to give you even more control. Fellow designs all the tools and accessories you need for your entire coffee-making process. You can check out other coffee-making products by Fellow on SSENSE. You will find mugs, grinders, kettles, and pour over sets from the same amazing designer as well as high-end fashion accessories from numerous other designers and global brands.

Not Cleaning the Coffee Machine

If you use a coffee maker at home, you should clean it every three to four months. Limescale is the main issue here as it is a mineral deposit that can change how your coffee tastes. If you do not know how to clean your coffee machine, call an expert because the process can get quite complicated.

These are just some of the many mistakes you might be making. Rectifying them will have the biggest impact on how your coffee tastes.